Monday, May 30, 2011


The Team

Architectural Firm: BRW Architects, College Station, Texas
General Contractor: R. Hassell Builders, Houston, Texas
Masonry Contractor: Acme Constructors Inc., Houston, Texas

The Project

Completed within the first quarter of 2011, Baytown Fire Station No. 6 is the first new fire station in Baytown, Texas in approximately thirty-five years. The new fire station consists of approximately 10,000 square feet and is now functional and occupied by the Baytown Fire Department.

The Stone

The natural stone selection for this project originates from Kirby Stone Company’s limestone quarry located in Salado, Texas. One will notice the predominance of rustic color within a majority of the project’s walls. This natural limestone, consisting of approximately 95% of the project masonry fa├žade, is most commonly referred to as “Nicotine” limestone among the natural stone community. The remaining 5% of masonry uses a bold, rust-colored stone most commonly named “Cave Stone”.

Laid in an ashlar pattern, the predominant natural limestone observed is Nicotine in a sawn, chopped form. Ranging from four inches to eight inches in face height, the Nicotine limestone is sawn on the top and bottom with rough, split faces on the remaining sides. In addition to the primary natural stone, the Cave limestone is utilized as an accent throughout the facility as well as other natural stone components of the property, including the refuse and fence columns. The Cave limestone provides a subtle, yet noticeable, complement to the Nicotine. Similar to the Nicotine limestone, the Cave limestone is also sawn on the top and bottom while the remaining sides maintain a rough, split-faced finish.

Complemented by the thick, dark cedar-esque siding, the Kirby Stone Company Nicotine and Cave natural limestone products offer a rustic, natural aesthetic consistent with a majority of BRW-College Station’s previous projects, many of which have gone on to win design awards. Headquartered in Baytown, Texas, Kirby Stone Company is proud to be a part of such a tremendous project adding to and upgrading our very own local heroes, the Baytown Fire Department.

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Monday, May 23, 2011


Product Description

Kirby Stone Company, LLC’s Desert Sunset natural sandstone product will truly make any project type unique. The stone blend includes an array of radiant colors within the spectrum of yellow, from a soft yellow to a bold gold. Complementing Desert Sunset natural sandstone products with darker trim accents will ensure your project stands out from ordinary!

Kirby Stone Company’s Desert Sunset is most effectively used with a tan mortar color. As with many of Kirby Stone Company’s natural sandstone products, it assists in providing a natural aesthetic.

Desert Sunset natural sandstone is quarried in Lometa, Texas. For more information or photographs pertaining to Kirby Stone Company’s Desert Sunset natural sandstone products, please visit the Desert Sunset portion of our website. You may get there immediately by clicking HERE.

Product Availability

Kirby Stone Company’s Desert Sunset natural sandstone products are available in a variety of different styles and product types. A full list of available products is listed below. Should you have any questions regarding terminology, you may access Kirby Stone Company’s Stone 101 Lessons by clicking HERE.
  • Quarry Chopped Stone
  • Sawn Chopped Stone
  • Thin Veneer Chopped Stone
  • 3” to 5” Flagstone
  • 4” to 6” Flagstone
  • Thin Veneer Flagstone
  • 1” to 3” Split Patio Stone
  • Sawn Patio Stone
  • Sawn Hearths and Lintels
  • Sawn Blocks
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