Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Project Showcase: Texas A&M University San Antonio Campus

In this project showcase Kirby Stone Company will detail the eye catching and phenomenal construction of the brand new multi-purpose building on the permanent grounds of Texas A&M University San Antonio Campus - TAMUSA. This first building on the new campus weighs in at a little over 90,000 gross square feet. Set to house the library, bookstore, student services offices, classrooms, faculty, and administrative offices, and a food services area. This new addition to the campus was opened Fall 2011.

The design intent was/is a Spanish Mission Style which incorporates a great deal of detail in the stone and masonry installation. The desired natural stone used on this structure was Desert Sunset Sandstone harvested by Kirby Stone Company, LLC. This particular blend of stone is an extremely unique sandstone product, with very few sources available. The color of this natural stone ranges from a bright yellow to a soft mustard yellow and all colors in between.

Let's back up a bit to the Spanish Mission Style idea and we discuss the cut of stone used on this project. In order to replicate the look of a Spanish Mission the stone was harvested in a combination of hand squared and flagstone patterned natural stone product. The varying sizes and shapes of the stone are crucial in replicating the design intent. The other part of the equation is the importance of the installation. The installation of the stone is critical in keeping the design intent as well and assuring the Spanish Mission idea is followed. It was amazing to see the project during construction to see the amount of detail that went into the masonry craft of installing this to keep the desired look and quality.

While the majority of the stone installed on this structure was specified at a brick ledge depth of 3"-5", there was also a large amount of Kirby Stone Company's thin veneer stone product utilized. The thin stone veneer in the Desert Sunset had to mimic the full depth natural stone in appearance with the only difference being the depth. The thin veneer was installed on portions on the building that did not allow for a full brick ledge. Again, great work was completed by the masonry contractor to insure there was flawless transition from the regular depth stone and the thin veneer product.

Kudos goes out to Shadrock and Williams Masonry, LTD on the great amount of hard work and detail put into the applicationa and installation of this project. It's truly amazing how important the role of the masonry contractor is for a project of this magnitude. Shadrock and Williams did a superb job and showed a great deal of craftsmanship!

Here is one of many photos of the project.

To learn more information about TAMUSA and for more photos of the natural stone and chronological photos of construction follow the following links:



It was a great pleasure for Kirby Stone Company to have the opportunity to work with everyone involved on such a unique project. Remember if you are looking for a natural stone product for your next project, Kirby Stone Company is the place to look.


Architect: Kell Munoz Architects

General Contractor: Bartlett Cocke General Contractors

Masonry Contractor: Shadrock and Williams, LTD

Stone Supplier: Kirby Stone Company, LLC

*Some information was collected from websites shown above.