Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Natural Thin Stone Veneer II

Continuing on our series on Kirby Stone Company's natural thin stone veneer, this post will incorporate some distinctions and comparisons of our natural thin stone veneer and a man made or concrete thin product.  

First let's view just a portion of the distinctions of Kirby Stone Company's natural thin stone veneer:
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance
  • Consistent colors-natural stone will not deface colors
  • Easily installed
  • All colors are unique, no predetermined pattern
  • Entirely natural
  • Proven material used over many centuries
  • Natural thin stone veneer allows for unique, creative patterning
  • Abundantly available
  • Looks just like a full thickness stone material
Now we can notate some of the disadvantages of a cultured, man made, or concrete thin product:
  • Unnatural appearance
  • Possibility of fading, cracking, staining
  • Dyed concrete aggregates allow for possible chipping and fading to reveal interior aggregates
  • Not easily manipulate for installation purposes
  • Predictable colors 
  • Composed of cement, aggregates, and chemicals
  • Warranties are necessary to promote product
  • Defined, predictable patterns produced from a set of molds
  • Prone to fading
**Note:  There is a reason the concrete products are commonly referred to as "fake stone".  There is only one way to go if you truly want REAL STONE.**

While these are some distinct differences, there are some overwhelming similarities, which again make Kirby Stone Company's natural thin stone veneer even more appealing.

  • Both products weigh less than traditional, full depth stone
  • Both are installed using similar application strategies
  • Both allow for precut corner pieces, creating the appearance of full depth material
  • Price is very competitive
  • Neither require a footing or brick ledge for installation
**Note:  For those who just thought natural thin stone veneer was not a cost effective measure, think again.  A natural stone is an absolutely efficient, effective and logical material to use on your next project.**

To summarize this post, Kirby Stone Company's natural thin stone veneer is an advantageous product.  This is an all natural material, with a tremendous wide range of possible color selections.  Our natural thin stone veneer allows for a unique possibility of blends and patterns to call your own.  Again, the most appealing reality is that Kirby Stone Company's natural thin stone veneer is natural, not made with cement products.

When analyzing and assessing the best scenario for your next project, the question shouldn't be whether to use a natural or manufactured product, the question should be whether to use Kirby Stone Company's natural thin stone veneer or Kirby Stone Company's full depth natural stone.  We can help establish the best option for your project and assure you are making the best decision by relying on the expertise from Kirby Stone Company, LLC.

Until next time, be sure to contact our Sales Team with any questions and we will be glad to do what it takes to help you along the way.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Phenomenon of Kirby Stone Company's Natural Thin Stone Veneer

This segment will be the first in a series on natural thin stone veneer products as supplied by Kirby Stone Company. This series on thin stone will begin with an introduction into the products and discuss some of the specifications. Through the next several posts, we will look at many different aspects of the Kirby Stone Company natural thin stone veneer and how it may just be the material you need for your project.

You may be asking "what exactly is natural thin stone veneer?" There are a multitude of features to consider when discussing Kirby Stone Company's natural thin stone veneer. First off, it is important to note that Kirby Stone Company is capable of supplying natural thin stone veneer in many different selections of material. The details of varying products will be covered in a later post once we have established the groundwork of natural thin stone veneer.

Also note, the information provided is for general guidelines only and may not be suitable in all specific scenarios or instances. Feel free to contact one of our sales staff members to discuss your specific project for a precise determination and assessment of product needed.

Kirby Stone Company's natural thin stone veneer product begins as a natural stone harvested from beneath the earth within one of our quarry locations. A full depth stone (3"-5") is formed which at this point is ready to go through a special thin veneer saw to create a natural thin stone veneer. This thin veneer piece is an exact match to the full depth stone only in a thin version. Having a thin material has advantages which will be examined in a later discussion in this same series. The natural thin stone veneer available from Kirby Stone Company is offered in the same blends, colors, and shapes as the full thickness stone products. Whether your selection is a quarry chopped material, sawn chopped material, or a flagstone/builders material, it can be cut into a thin stone to fit the needs of your specific project.

Natural thin stone veneer is typically a nominal thickness of 1-1/4 inches. With the varying contours of the face of natural stone the depth could range from 3/4" to a thickness of 1-1/2". At Kirby Stone Company, we take great pride and go to great lengths in our quality control to see to it that there is a consistency in the variance of the range of the thickness of the stone within the standards and within the tolerance of the natural stone. This material is cut using a high quality, diamond blade saw set at a specific height in order to reach the thickness of 1-1/4". The thin stone used in the field of a vertical wall structure is considered a flat piece.

The weight of natural thin stone veneer is a great consideration to take into account. Kirby Stone Company's thin stone veneer weighs approximately 10-14 lbs/SF. This is a weight to remember when we detail the comparisons of the natural thin stone veneer to the natural full depth veneer. There are times when the weight of a product is a factor during the masonry phase of construction, which makes Kirby Stone Company the needed product.

Another aspect to the natural thin stone veneer is the ability to create a natural transition to the corner of a verical wall structure. Kirby Stone Company has the capability of creating a 90 degree corner piece with the use of a specially designed thin saw used for the purpose of cutting corner pieces. This piece of stone known as a corner piece is still the same thickness as a flat piece, but incorporates a 90 degree cut giving off the appearance of a full depth stone at the corner. There are returns coming off of each edge of the 90 degree, one being a short edge of approximately 3" and the other being a longer edge. This material gives the opportunity to keep with the aesthetics and appearance needed while creating the look of a full thickness stone on the corner of the structure or building.

This photo represents an example of a flat piece of Kirby Stone Company's natural thin stone veneer.

You can see in this photo the 90 degree angle created as a corner piece of Kirby Stone Company's natural thin stone veneer.

Now you should be able to begin to imagine the multitude of uses for the Kirby Stone Company natural thin stone veneer.

In the next edition we will evaluate some of the advantages of using Kirby Stone Company's natural thin stone veneer and conduct a comparison of the natural thin stone versus a man-made or concrete thin product.

Until next time, be sure to contact our sales team to help you with all of your natural stone selections in order to best maximize your design.